A product discovery and comparison engine, EatComplete set out to become an authority in the Complete Food sector and helps its users make educated choices around their nutrition.

With a lot of detailed information for each product, we added a slew of custom fields and enhanced search capability to make things easy to sort. Custom tables were created for price info and a social backend put in place to give users profiles and messaging. Social Media has been integrated thoughout the website

A news aggregation service was added to create a news hub around the subject and activity on the website has a gamification backend awarding points and badges to to users based on their actions.

What we did

Theme Customisation

Advice and recommendation on theme. Deep customisation.


Ability for users to write and share product reviews.

Affiliate Marketing

Ability to geo target users, add multiple affiliate links.

Social Layers

User profiles, awards, messaging and more


Standard analytics along with goal creation, click tracking and paegspeed monitoring.


Users awarded points and badges for activity around the website.

Client Comments

We had fairly complex needs with our website but Good Enough did a great job of translating our ideas into the final website. I wasn’t sure about using a theme at first but it definitely sped up development a lot. In a matter of a week we had a v1 website up with us able to start adding information as the rest of our requirements were met with template updates. Honestly, I’m really happy with the result.